Our pricing is based upon the total storage length of your RV, Camper, Trailer or Boat. We measure from the tip of the front hitch or front bumper to the furthest rear point.

Here are some examples of how to measure:

This 20 foot boat has a 6’10” trailer tongue and a 26” motor at the rear for a total length of 29 feet.  This boat will need a 10′ x 30′ space.

This 40 foot Fifth Wheel trailer actually measures 44 feet when you add the 24” for the front hitch and 19” for the spare tire. This camper will need a 12′ x 45′ space.”

This tow hitch adds 26” to the storage length of this Class A Motor Home.

Space Sizes
Our spaces come in various sizes to meet your particular storage needs.

We have spaces in the following sizes:

Personal Storage Containers

We have 8’ x 20’ Storage Containers for your household goods, Motorcycles, ATVs. These units protect your things from dirt, moisture and mice.

How Do I Rent A Space?

It is best to call first to check on availability and current pricing for the item you need to store.


You will need to come into our office (9am to 4pm Mon to Fri) to fill out a contract and bring in your driver’s license and a proof of ownership for the RV, Camper, Trailer or Boat that is in your name and it’s measurements. Proof of ownership can include title, registration, bill of sale or purchase order.

All items being stored must be owned and titled in the name of the person signing the Storage Contract.

Forms of Payment


We accept payment in the form of Checks, Cash, Debit or Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express). Additionally, we can automatically process a credit or debit card on the first of each month to make sure you have access to your space and avoid any late fees.

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