AJ Storage Specialists, Inc. is Northern Colorado’s Premier Storage Facility for the storage of RVs, campers, trailers, boats and household goods.


Family Owned and Operated…

Your business is important to us.

20 Acre Facility completely fenced

with 6’ chain link security fence.

Computer Access Gate…

Each customer has a unique access code.

Gate Access 7 Days Per Week….

6am to 10pm.

Security Cameras

recording 24 hours per day.

RV Dump

for those with holding tanks –price included in the rent.

4” Thick Recycled Asphalt Surface…

alleviates weeds and mud.

30 Foot Wide Roadways...

with 35 foot roadways available for larger units.

10 foot wide spaces...

set at an angle for easier access.

12 foot wide spaces available...

for larger units.

Assigned spaces...

means no looking for an empty spot to park your RV.

8’ x 20’ enclosed storage units...

for storing household goods, motorcycles, ATVs, etc.

Manager living on-site.

with 6’ chain link security fence.

Storage DOs and DON'Ts


DO … put your sticker with your space number on the unit you are storing. This helps you remember where your space is located and lets us make sure everyone is in their assigned space.

DO…lock your unit and make sure there are no items on the ground outside. All items must be in or on your unit. Lock your unit and make sure all vents and windows are closed.

DO…Turn off all Propane tanks when parking. This prevents accidental leaks which could be dangerous.

DO…park in the center of your space with the hitch or bumper of your unit at the brick with your space number on it.

DO…Be courteous and thoughtful when using the dump station. Clean up any spills and throw any towels and gloves into the trash…NEVER down the dump drain. Put the cap back on the drain.


DON’T… leave anything loose on the ground around your unit. Don’t leave items in your space when your unit is out of it’s space. Anything found loose on the ground in your space will be removed.

DON’T… park your unit with it out into the roadway in front of your space number brick. Also don’t park more than 1’ behind the space number brick to avoid encroaching into the space behind you. Your space measures back from the space number brick and the posts on the sides are not the back of your space. Additionally, be sure you are not sticking into either space beside you.

DON’T… allow any towels, gloves or hoses to fall down the dump station drain. These items can damage the sewer lift station and could result in our dump station being closed.

DON’T… exceed the 5 mph speed limit. This is for safety and also helps keep the dust down.

Call Today For Availability of Spaces

We have a limited amount of spaces available.